Experts say that leaving a dog unattended can create undesirable and unhealthy behavior such as separation anxiety, tantrums and loneliness. At The PawGround we offer daycare in large and small areas. We evaluate each dog and make sure they are in a group that is fun and safe for them.

We understand that each dog has individual needs and we have behavior experts that will evaluate and separate dogs based on their demeanor, age and size.

They will have constant supervision and they will definitely have fun!


* Note: If you prefer your dog be in a private room, there will be a $15/day charge added to the daily rate. After 11pm it will go into boarding hours and you will be charged a boarding fee. No meals are included with daycare, there will be an additional fee to feed daycare meals.

Daycare Rates

Daycare hours are 7am to 7pm. Early drop off or late pick up can be arranged for a $16 fee

Single Pet

Full Day
(12 hours)
Half Day
(6 hours)
Hourly $20

Additional Family Member

Full Day $38
Half Day $31

Day Care Packages

  Full Day/Half Day
10 pack
(15% discount)
15 pack
(17% discount)
30 pack
(25% discount)
20 Daily Service Package
(Meals, Walks, Late Pickup, Early Drop Off, Medication)


Extra 15 minute walk $15
Daycare Feeding Per Meal $7
Medication Per Day $7

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